What Features Should You Consider When Choosing a Garden Hose?

The garden hose is one of the important pieces of equipment you need in your yard. Before you go out to find your next garden hose, there are certain things you must know. Buy now discounted garden hoses online. When you consider different factors, you can find a garden hose that suits your watering needs.

Type of Garden Hose

The main types of garden hoses available include sprinklers, soakers, and spray. Spray garden hoses are common in households and are designed to attach to the faucet. Water gets out in a single flow and attaches it to the sprinkler. The soaker hose is ideal for vegetable gardens when your plants or flowers are planted in rows. It is a perfect choice for sprinkling or watering. Sprinklers are useful in a range of situations. For instance, they can be used as sprinklers and provide a large area of coverage. If you have a newly planted lawn, you should consider getting this type of hose.


Garden hoses are available in a range of materials. For instance, you can find some expensive models made of metal, whereas cheaper ones made of plastic. Each material has its unique features when it comes to resistance to tangling, durability, flexibility, and weight. If you need a cheaper hose, you should get one made of recycled materials.


If you are using the hose for other applications, then you need to consider safety. For instance, your pets might be drinking water from the hose. If that is the case, you should get a garden hose made from food-grade material. Such materials are BPA and lead-free. You should avoid drinking water that has stayed in the hose. After using the garden hose, make sure it is drained well before you store it. That is because stagnant water is a good habitat for bacteria to grow.


These are also known as fittings. They are metal threads that attach your hose to the nozzle, sprinkler, or spigot. Most of them are made of metal, but cheaper ones are made of plastic. You can find couplings made of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. It is advisable to consider stainless steel couplings being they are durable.


The diameter for a garden hose can be 1/2 –inch, ¾-inch, or 5/8 inch. You can also find smaller diameter options out there. Remember that these are meant for smaller gardens as they are easy to move around and lightweight. ¾-inch is meant for commercial or heavy-duty applications. If you have a larger garden, you should consider a larger model that can deliver more water faster. Also, make sure you consider other factors, such as mobility and strength issues.

It is advisable to take time to find the right garden hose for your applications. Instead of rushing to the local garden store and get a cheaper hose, you should get a hose that is worth your money. You should avoid a garden hose that is difficult to attach, kinks, and is easily damaged by sunlight. Rather go for something that is durable, easier to use, and flexible. Fortunately, there are many brands out there you should consider.

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