A guide for shopping for hose reels on Giraffe Tools

The market is swarmed with various brands offering hose and extension cord reel products. Depending on how you look at it, this can be a benefit or a downside. The benefit is that you have a wide range of choices. On the other hand, the downside is that you may have a hard time choosing the best brand to purchase products from.

However, with a brand like Giraffe Tools, this does not have to be an issue. The brand is renowned and highly reputable. Therefore, if you need an extension cord reel, pressure washer, air hose, air hose reel, garden hose, or garden hose reel, you can buy it here! This post provides you with a quick guide on how you can buy hose reels from Giraffe Tools.

How to shop for hose reels on Giraffe Tools

One of the best things about Giraffe Tools is that it allows you to make purchases online. Regardless, you do not need any technical skills or special knowledge to shop for products through the Giraffe Tools website. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to shop for hose reels on Giraffe Tools.

Visit the website

The first and easiest step of the process is visiting the official Giraffe Tools website. You must ensure that you click on the correct website link. You can access the official Giraffe Tools website on any device with internet connectivity.

Analyze the products on the platform

After clicking on the Giraffe Tools website link, the first thing you will see is a list of some of the best-selling products on the platform. However, you also have the option of using the search tool. The Giraffe Tools search tool features four product categories. They are:

  • Garden hose and garden hose reels
  • Air hose and air hose reels
  • Extension cord reels
  • Electric pressure washer and pressure washer reel

All you have to do is click on your chosen product category and then go through the list of products.

View the product details

Each of the products listed on the website features a “see more” button. Clicking this button allows you to view the product details. These details include the type of materials used to make the product, how it functions, and every other important thing you need to know. The company provides this information for clients to make informed decisions. Therefore, it is recommended to read through this information keenly before purchasing a product.

Add to cart and purchase

Once you are satisfied with the products provided, you can add the product to your shopping cart and continue shopping. After you have everything you need, the next step is to complete the shopping product. Doing this is as easy as clicking on the “buy” button.


Note that you cannot complete the buying process if you have not created an account and provided information like your payment details. In addition, the brand offers free shipping for all its products.


It is worth mentioning that you can also purchase hose reels carrying the Giraffe Tools brand name from offline stores. However, you must ensure that the dealer does not have counterfeit products if you choose this route.

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