Outdoor Shed Organization Tips and Tricks

Outdoor sheds are usually small in size and the items in them usually are a cluttered mess. Without an outdoor shed organization system in place, it can be a dangerous hazard the moment you walk in. Imagine what can happen if your kids find their way in the shed and the tools just start toppling off each other. Someone can easily get hurt!

Below, we give you tips on how to organize your outdoor shed – no matter what size it is.

Outdoor shed organization ideas


The first step you should take is to declutter! Take out everything from the shed and assess each item. Have a pile for items that should be thrown away because they are damaged and could not be used, a separate pile for items that are still okay but you do have not been using for over a year, and another pile for the items that you intend to keep.

Throw out the items in the trash pile. Assess the items in the second pile and set them aside to resell or donate. Now you only have the third pile left. These are the items that you need to organize.

Decluttering will lessen the things you need to store in the shed and may even give you more room to spare!

Add floating shelves

If you have a tiny outdoor shed, you should make use of all the available space and this includes the wall! Installing floating shelves will give you more storage space and will help you separate the tools from each other.

Get metal racks

If you do not have any shelving options in the shed, you should invest in metal racks. They are stable enough to carry heavy items and can easily be assembled and disassembled.

Make use of crates

To separate your tools and items by categories, you can make use of crates. The wooden and plastic ones are usually cheap and you can buy them in bulk. You can easily store them in rows on your metal racks.

Hang long-handled tools

Use the wall and hang long-handled tools like shovels and rakes. You can choose to use the wall inside or the wall outside. Because these items usually come in contact with dirt, most of the time, they are stored on the outer wall of the shed.

Use mason jars

For smaller items like screws, bolts, nuts, batteries, and many more, you can use mason jars for storage. Get ones that are transparent so that you can easily find what you need.

Keep the hose out of the way

Garden hoses are usually bulky to store and if you leave them on the ground, they become tripping hazards.

You should get a wall-mounted retractable hose reel so that the hose is out of the way. You can mount it on the outer wall and all you have to do is pull out the hose when you need it and reel it back when you are done. They usually come with an aesthetic design these days that allows you to proudly display it for all to see.

Get organized!

Now that you know now how to effectively organize your outdoor shed, you will surely be able to function and work around the house better. No more missing tools and the kids no longer have to avoid the shed like it has a curse!

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