Garden Hose Reels With Wall Mount System

Several Useful Features

Giraffe retractable garden hose reel is designed to offer an amazing user experience with a variety of features such as durability, reduced kink, adjustable and lockable length feature, and many more. The reel is manufactured to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions and stay in the yard for years without hindering the output quality. Whether or not the water is running in the hose reel, it’ll retain its thickness. This is a symbol of the use of good raw materials during the manufacturing process.

Working Principle Of Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Ideally, this retracting garden hose reel can be further divided into two parts:

  1. Flat spiral spring
  2. Automatic winding system

Flat Spiral Spring

The manufacturers have embedded a thin spring material in the planar helix. It works under lower static load since its stiffness is low. An increase in the number of coils results in an increased deformation angle. As a result, more energy can be stored in less volume. Furthermore, this phenomenon is extremely helpful in achieving mechanical benefits, resulting in enhanced performance of this heavy-duty retractable garden hose reel.

Automatic Winding System

To avoid the frustration of winding and unwinding the reel manually every time the homeowner goes to water the yard, this feature comes in handy. Upon stretching the reel, the reed box begins rotating counterclockwise. Therefore, when the reel is left lying on the ground, it’ll automatically start to wind due to the counterclockwise rotation of the reel box. The winding is very clean and smooth, eliminating the chances of ruined appearance.

Interesting Features Of Giraffe Retractable Garden Hose Reel


This is a heavy-duty retractable garden hose reel that’s made of high-quality polypropylene casing. This material is known to humans that it won’t deform or lose its shine even if exposed to sun and rain for several years. Expect no fade anytime soon. Moreover, the reel is pretty flexible despite the fact that it’s made of durable material. Users will get a rotation bracket that enables 180 degrees rotation. As a result, gardeners can cover the entire lawn with one rotation bracket mountable to the reel.

Retracting Garden Hose Reel

The important feature that every garden hose should have is the ability to wind automatically. The hose will wind on its own when left lying around in the yard. This is called “retraction.” The rotating box will wind the hose smoothly and neatly without harming the appearance. This is highly convenient in large gardens that demand a long reel. Manually winding and unwinding it is a tiring task that can be automated. Moreover, there are almost zero chances of reel kink with this feature.

Quick Assembly

There are multiple attachments compatible with this reel. Buyers can easily dismantle and assemble accessories as per their convenience and requirement. Moreover, the product comes with a user manual, which covers all the essential information that any buyer could ask for. The assembly process is hassle-free and quick. Customers need to fix this retracting garden hose reel to the wall.

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