How To Get The Right Type Of Bandana For Your Dog

Studies have shown that some dogs are happier when they have their bandanas on. This is because of the many benefits that wearing a bandana has. Whether it be a flowered patterned bandana, plaid colored, checkered, there are just so many benefits of wearing a bandana to not only the dog but humans around.

 But before we consider these benefits, you have to know the critical requirements in choosing a bandana for your dog.

As a dog owner, you do not just want to go online and select the first bandana that appeals to you or the first fabric you see lying around. There are certain factors to be considered:

● The texture of the fabric:

The bandana is supposed to provide comfort to your dog, and as such, not every material is suitable. Bandanas made from 100% cotton or poly-cotton mix are recommended because of the texture, the fact it is easy to wash, and does not in any way cause irritation.

● Size:

An important factor in choosing a bandana is measured based on how furry your dog is or the size of rolls, like in the case of the pug. If your dog has mega fur, you might want to make the tape a little bit tight around the neck to flatten the fur.

This is so that the bandana is not hidden by the fur when fixed around the neck.

If your dog has rolls, the widest part of the neck is measured, and you should take care that the tape measure doesn’t lie between rolls during measurements.

● Special cases:

If your dog has a problem that you need to inform others about, then considering the color of bandana you get is a good thing. Bold colors give information, without needing words, on the condition of the dog.

If your dog is recovering from surgery, a bright yellow-colored bandana should be considered when going out on walks, parks, etc.

A few benefits of getting a bandana for your dog include:

● Relieving stress:

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But wearing a bandana around your dog’s neck can relieve stress. Here’s how; if you have a dog with anxiety, then using a stress relief spray on your dog’s bandana can be a beneficial way to calm your dog.

● Keeping your dog cool:

How does wearing a bandana keep my dog cool? You might ask. When you take your dog out for a walk during the hot weather, you might discover that your dog begins to have hot spells. There are certain types of bandanas containing water-absorbing polymer beads, which you can dip in water and tie around your dog’s neck to provide relief.

● Comfort:

Apart from the cooling effect, a bandana has on a dog compared to a collar. It also has the benefit of comfort. The soft material does not irritate your dog’s skin, unlike some collars and leashes.

It also provides warmth to your dog during cold weather.


Choosing a suitable bandana for your dog is an easy task to do. All you need to remember is that it should be too tight to prevent your dog from breathing and too big that your dog trips over its own feet.

Once you have these simple bases covered, you can go ahead to design the perfect bandana of your choosing.

Ruan Joyce
Ruan Joyce
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