Loose Wave Vs. Loose Deep Wave Hair Plus Maintenance Tips

The availability of a wide range of hair and wig types in the market has made it difficult for many women and fashionistas to choose the best product. With the wide range of choices, there are also numerous factors to consider when making the best choice. Some of these factors include; color, hair length, style, and curl patterns. When it comes to the curl patterns, the available choices on the market are; body wave, deep wave, loose and loose deep wave curl hair. There is often confusion between loose wave hair and loose deep wave hair. Therefore, this post discusses loose vs. loose deep wave hair.

What is loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is a type of hair with loose curls. The curls typically flow in different directions, and they are not as tight as those of deep wave hair. The irregular curls are usually voluminous, and they can easily blend with any natural hair texture. Loose wave hair is typically easier to maintain and requires low management.

What is loose deep wave hair?

Loose deep wave hair features smooth waves that look luxurious. The wave patterns significantly resemble Jerry’s curl pattern. Loose deep wave hair patterns generally have tighter curls than body wave, natural, and loose wave hair. However, there isn’t much of a difference between the various types of curls when it comes to hair texture. This is primarily because hair texture is usually influenced by the type of hair and its quality instead of the curl patterns.

What is the difference between loose and loose deep wave hair?

Below are some of the primary differentiating factors between these two types of curl patterns for virgin hair;

  • Loose wave hair typically has tighter curls than loose deep wave hair.
  • Loose deep wave hair features tighter curls compared to loose wave hair. The curls are also tighter than body and natural wave hairs.
  • Compared to loose deep wave hair, loose wave hair features a more natural look. This is because of its bouncy nature and its softness.

How to maintain loose deep wave hair

The following are some helpful maintenance tips for loose deep wave hair;

  • You can maintain this type of hair by practicing caution when installing it. For instance, be careful not to cut the hair wefts when installing the hair as it could mess with its integrity and quality.
  • Another tip is practicing proper cleaning. It would be wise to seek advice from the manufacturer or search for good washing tips before you decide to clean your loose deep wave hair.
  • You should also avoid exposing the hair to too much heat
  • Use a big comb or your fingers to comb through the hair


While these types of hairs have the differences listed above, they are also similar in numerous ways. For instance, they are both types of virgin human hair. This type of hair is usually collected from human donors, and it can be treated like natural hair. The two types of hairs also have a similar texture. Therefore, you can choose between the two without the worry that one is superior to the other.

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