Easy Ways to Cook a Juicy Delicious Chicken Breasts

To cook juicy boneless chicken breasts, you need to understand the requirements to make the dish delicious. BBQ chicken breast recipes require specific temperatures to ensure you cook safely. Beware that people may associate chicken breasts with being safe, depending on the color that it is. If the chicken is seen bloody, people often get scared and see it as a hazard for consumption. However, it doesn’t matter because you can take chicken with blood in it as long as you cook at the appropriate temperature.

You may wonder what the best temperature for cooking juicy chicken breasts is. You need an internal temperature of about 165 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the bacteria eliminate all the bacteria in the chicken breasts. The legs and thighs of the chicken may require a higher temperature ranging between 170 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the dish is juicy and delicious.

When you cook the chicken, it may still appear pink even when the required temperatures are maintained. This can be seen in young chicken, but there is nothing to worry about as this is normal as long as you cook with the required internal cooking temperature.

The following section will give you the correct steps for cooking moist and juicy chicken breasts. However, the method requires patience and trust, maintain the correct timing follow the required conditions to have a perfectly cooked and delicious chicken breast.

The Ingredients

To ensure that you get the best results when cooking chicken breasts, you will be required to have 4 cups of water, ¼ cup of kosher salt, around 2 pounds of chicken breasts. Ensure you remove the bones and the skin to prepare a perfect dish. Prepare brine and let the chicken stay in it for 24 hours.


After letting your chicken breasts stay in brine for 2 hours, remove it, rinse and ensure it is dry for the following preparation. If you want to marinade it, this is the time to do it and ensure you return it into the refrigerator for around three hours. Otherwise, ensure you season the chicken breasts well and pre-heat the grill for preparation.

Since the boneless and skinless chicken breasts cook quickly on the grill, ensure your thermometer is in place to monitor the cooking temperature. Ensure that the chicken is removed from the grill at the right time to prevent it from being too dry.

You should heat the grill in advance before placing the chicken breasts on it. Give the chicken breasts on the grill to let the grill marks appear, and then turn over the grill and the chicken. To ensure that the chicken is moist and tender, ensure you close the lid and keep the temperature low. The temperature should be around 158 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all the bacteria.

Be sure to take the temperatures, especially on the thickest part of the meat, to ensure it is safe for cooking. Also, when grilling, it is essential to give the chicken time on the grill to give the marks and turn it on the opposite side until it finishes cooking. As such, you will be able to prepare juicy boneless chicken breasts.

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